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CloakCoin_ENIGMA_Whitepaper_v1.0.pdf (3.1 MiB)


Total coins: 4.868 million (16. february 2017)
PoW timespan: 7 days
Algorithm: x13
No Pre-mine or IPO
PoW block reward: 496, PoS 6%
Mining will stop after 10080 blocks (7 days)
PoS minimum stake age: 3 hours, Max age unlimited
Block time: 60 seconds
ENIGMA: Fast, Private, Secure, Untraceable and Decentralized

Overview ENIGMA

ENIGMA is a new private and secure transaction system from the CloakTeam.

ENIGMA, along with CloakShield, forms the backbone of the Cloak system and is a key part of the underlying framework.

ENIGMA allows CloakCoins to be sent anonymously, while avoiding the need to 'trust' other nodes not to steal funds or leak sensitive information.

ENIGMA guarantees fungibilty, this means all coins being equal and interchangeable.

Overview CloakShield

CloakShield utilizes end-to-end encryption and provides secure communication

CloakShield is designed to secure both ENIGMA and decentralized CloakCoin applications, and will ensure your data stays as private as possible.

CloakShield allows the encrypted sending of data to one or more recipients.

CloakShield allows any CloakCoin data objects to be serialized and transmitted securely to one or more recipients.

CloakShield allows nodes to communicate indirectly to circumvent traffic analysis.

CloakShield provides an onion routing network and you can use up to 25 hops!

If you want to know, how you can get CLOAK, read Get CLOAK.