Please always backup your wallet.dat before the installation of the new wallet!
FAQ: How to backup a wallet.dat file?
Verify the downloaded files with the sha256 checksum!
FAQ: How can I use the sha256 checksum to verify the download?
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Cloakcoin 'DEFENDER' for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Raspberry Pi

We are very pleased to present to you the latest update to the CloakCoin core software.

Version as indicated by the 'DEFENDER' codename focuses on security enhancements. This release brings added security improvements to the Enigma and CloakShield communication layer, full details can be found on the list of improvements and enhancements. Also arriving with this release are the translation sets for French and Russian as well some minor bug fixes, the QT GUI received some functionality and cosmetic touches. Editions

The bundled download for Windows, and the one for Linux, contain both the graphical edition and the daemon edition. The download for macOS contains only the graphical edition. If you only use the graphical edition you can remove the daemon edition and vice versa. The Raspberry Pi release contains the daemon edition.